Performance, Installation, Exhibition and Illustration



I have over 14 years of industry experience working in the areas of international and independent film productions (within Australia), community and commercial theatre projects and a broad range of festivals and events (ranging from design assistant in the ceremonies department for the 2006 Commonwealth Games to collaboration with independent theatre and performance groups, such as Melbourne Shakespeare Company and One Step at a Time Like This).


Warehouse Comedy Festival

Design and installation of set and props for stand-up comedy series for ABC-TV & Madman entertainment. My role for this project saw me generate the designs and costing through to the installation, standby props and de-installation.


midsummer nights dream (costume)

Costume design for profit share production of midsummer nights dream (Titania & Oberon pictured) for Melbourne Shakespeare Company, performed at Melbourne’s Testing Ground.


midsummer nights dream (costume and set)

Set and costume design and installation for profit share production of midsummer nights dream (Mechanicals and main set pictured above) for Melbourne Shakespeare Company, performed at Melbourne’s Testing Ground.


Where the Wild Things Are

My role for the model-making department involved resin, foam and latex casting as well as texturing/art finishing (see sample image above) and on-set work. For the sculpture department my role involved carving and texturing life-size trees and rocks, using a combination of styrafoam, urethane foam, plaster and cement render.

Melb Backdrop.jpg


Design and construction of set for documenting interviews with prominent chefs for pay TV series. When designing the backdrop, a key requirement was the ability to be able to pack it flat for transport to interstate locations.


lieutenant of inishmore

Design and construction of character specific, fake body parts, as special effects props for Sydney based independent theatre company. This required life casting of the actors faces and resettable sections for specific body parts.


miss fisher murder mysteries (prop knives)

The image above is a sample of some of the many special effects props I created for the ABC TV funded series ‘Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries’. The three knives on the left have been art finished and made safe, while the two on the right are flexible replicas cast from flexible urethane and art finished to match the three on the left.


Absolute (Un)certainty

Chiefly acting as Producer and Art Director, my roles for this production were many and varied. It was staged and documented as part of my research degree at the VCA, exploring the advantages of using projection as scenery in low budget theatre.


ghost rider (hell bike)

My role for this production was in Special Effects Props, as part of a team responsible for casting and fitting the moulded detail that transformed this custom frame into the ‘Hell Bike’.

Tooheys Ad.jpg

tooheys beer relay ad. campaign (model making)

The image above is a sample of the card-based models I created as part of a specialised team, hired by Sydney based production company, Radical Media to realise Saatchi & Saatchi’s 2008 advertising campaign for the brewing company, Tooheys.

Latecomers_ ScenicProjections.jpg


As set designer (stage visuals) my role for this production allowed me to explore the use of sound responsive projected visuals, using visual programming software. It served as the second exploratory performance in the process of developing a collaborative work with Australian based, Chinese director Yu Qian, looking at themes of social identity from an international student perspective.