Performance, Installation, Exhibition and Illustration




My illustration style often uses a blend of traditional/manual techniques and a range of digitally based methods. My projects range from narrative inspired and character based scenes and concepts to graphic and technical representations. I have always loved creating images, particularly when inspired by a message or a concept, I particularly love the process of adapting my style to match the visual needs of a creative project.


hector asado

This project was a client-based, branding exercise for a south american inspired barbecue food truck business, based in Canberra in the ACT. The brief was to visually convey a fusion between south american and modern asian cuisine.

Witch & Oven.jpg

Hansel and gretel (concept art)

The image above is a sample of my hand drawn concept art. This image is based around a self-directed re-imaging of the German fairytale of Hansel and Gretel.


robber’s arms (m&c saatchi australia)

The artwork shown in the image above was commissioned by advertising agency ‘M&C Saatchi’ to be used in a campaign to advertise the currency exchange company ‘Travelex’. Created using acrylic paints and timber, the brief was to reference a medieval sign for a pub.


digital flipbook (Mr nelson)

This simple gif file was created from a series of quick sequential sketches of my devoted shetland sheepdog.


Running group logo

The image above is a recently produced logo for an inner city (Melbourne), social running group. This piece was produced digitally using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


luck dragon (japan tsunami benefit auction)

The image above shows an illustration created and auctioned to raise money for a charity to support victims of the Japanese Tsunami disaster. Titled ‘Luck Dragon’, as a message to promote good fortune, the initial image was created by hand, using ink and acrylic on board and finished digitally.


floor lamp (concept image - melb. fringe furniture)

The image above shows a concept image generated for a proposed floor lamp I created for the Melbourne Fringe Furniture Festival. It was constructed and rendered using MAYA-3D software.


Bluebottle beard (concept sketch)

This image shows a colourised version of one of my graphite pencil, concept sketches that I created before sculpting and casting my ‘Bluebottle Beard’ character (see EXHIBITION).