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A.F.T.R.S - Concept sketches (short course)
Course outline : To develop and produce drawings for use in pre-production of film and television

Short film (The Philatelist)
Course outline : Volunteer - Props making on an AFTRS production which tells an inter-generational story. Using a 'Vintage European' feel with a repeated tree motif.

Short Film (Independent) - Brother
Art direction of an independent production which explores family relationship dynamics.

Short Film (Independent) - Distinct
Production design of an independent short feature. Which uses a dual reality to explore choices and their impact.

Short Film (Independent) - James Thomas
Production design of a "Mockumentary" style pilot episode. Examining life in a fitional Australian town.

T.V. & Advertising - Backdrop
To design, cost & construct a backdrop for the "Lifestyle Channel". For a series of interviews with high profile chefs.

T.V. & Advertising - Calculator
A mock-up of an oversized calclator for use in a pizza commercial.

T.V. & Advertising - Lounge Seat
Sculpted inner and padding to replicate an occupied lounge seat for a telecommunications commercial.

T.V. & Advertising - Pub Sign
An aged replica of an English pub sign. For use in a currency exchange commercial.

T.V. & Advertising - Soft Sculpture
To produce custom made "soft sculpture" style costumes. For use in a digital imaging commercial.



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